Deep pools of green


Paul was trying to rest, he could feel the Spanish sun on his toes just past the pointless tattoos on his feet as they stuck out of the shelter of the parasol.  It was just after 5pm and the health suite would be open, he slowly got to his feet, slipped on his espadrilles.  He stepped out of the shade and the sun warmed his exposed torso, his efforts at the gym hadn’t really paid off he could easily pass for ET’s body double, his cut-off jeans protecting his thin legs. He grabbed a towel from the reception, pushed open the swinging doors that stopped prying eyes from seeing into the nude sauna area. He laid his towel down on a sun lounger and took off his shoes and jeans, stepped into the shower before finally opening the door to the sauna.  He sat down on one of the lower benches in the sauna and closed his eyes. 


Rachel was on holiday with her German husband and young boy, she had been sunning herself all day in the nudist area in the roof gardens of the hotel. She was a tall woman with jet black hair, small pert breasts and long legs. She put on a towelling robe and made her way to the sauna, as she stepped into the outdoor sauna area through the swinging doors she smiled as a few older men and women looked at her.  She took a two large towels from the store and placed one on the lounger, took off her robe and took a dip in the plunge pool. as she climbed the ladder out of the plunge pool her nipples were erect. She grabbed the second large towel that had been hanging on a hook, water dripped off her body and formed puddles on the terracotta tiles she pulled the stiff sauna door and stepped in, looked at Paul and laid the towel down on a bench above him. She then found a head rest and laid herself down. Paul saw Rachel walk into the sauna but hadn’t turned around. He stood up and quickly left the sauna to shower. He returned a few minutes later, Rachel was lying face up,  beads of sweat slowly travelling down past her cleavage and forming puddles near her belly button. Her shaved pussy glistened in the dim lighting.  He sat back down on the lower bench and closed his eyes. He tried not to think of her  as he could feel a boner rising. Rachel had seen him saunter in with his dick at half mast. He could smell her pussy and was struggling to keep his erection down. 


‘You seem pleased to see me’ said Rachel

‘FML, Hi er yeah hah ’ said Paul nervously

‘I’m Rachel, I saw you around the bar last night drinking tequila’ said Rachel

Hi Rachel, I’m Paul’ replied Paul


Rachel got up, turned to sit up exposing her pussy even more. sweat dripped off her nipples making tiny splashes on her thighs.


‘I think you are hot’ said Rachel

‘I want you’ she continued.

‘What in here ?’ replied Paul 

His dick now standing to attention.

Rachel could see Paul was horny his bellend was dripping pre-cum


‘No, it’s not allowed’ she responded her german accent coming through

‘meet me at 7 on the 5nd floor there’s a room were the hotel stores towels, I have to go back to my husband’ she said as she got to her feet wrapping the towel around herself and disappered.


Paul waited for his erection to subside before he left the sauna, he showered and lay on the sun lounger. He dried quickly in the sun, got dressed and made his way to his hotel room.


It was a little after 7 when Paul finally found the courage to make his way to the 5th floor. Rachel was waiting by the towel store, she was wearing a halter neck wrap dress. She saw him walking nearer and went into the store. He walked into the towel store just as Rachel was undoing the knot on her dress which slipped down to the floor in a heap, Her pussy was wet and her nipples erect, she had one hand on her hip and pointed at Paul.  Paul had already undone his Jeans and pulled out his erect cock.  She grabbed his cock as he put his hands on her bum, pulling her close to him. He looked into her eyes, deep pools of green, her tits pressed against his white tonic scoop t-shirt, He kissed her passionately as one of his hands moved slowly up her back and around to one of her breasts. He cupped her breast in one hand and circled his thumb on her nipple. his hand had been teasing her pussy from behind, He gently pushed a few fingers into her very moist pussy causing Rachel to push her head back. Paul slowly played with her pussy pushing two fingers into her whilst grinding his dick against her clit. She turned around slowly, Paul’s fingers sliding out of her pussy. She grabbed his dick sliding it into her. Paul put both hands on her tits as he pushed his cock into her. Rachel was pushing her bum back and  her head rested on Paul. He pulled at her nipples as he thrust slowly in and out of her.  Paul moved one hand towards her pussy and started rubbing her clit, his other hand moved over her breast. He held her nipple with his thumb and index finger.  He could feel her pussy gripping his cock as his fingers on her clit slowly bought her to orgasm. She could feel his warm cum inside her as he gripped her nipple.

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