Ring on the finger

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Fluff walked down the subway chewing on the stringy gristle of bacon within his roll. He'd had far too much red wine last night and his mouth was very dry.  It was almost 10 am and he was a few hours away from  lunchtime drinks and was already struggling. Cursing under his breath he put his door pass to the turnstile and made his way to the lifts to the third floor.


Oh shit thought Fluff as he noticed his manageress was here already. 


'Morning Liz' he said as he passed her desk.

Liz raised her head smiled and continued typing on her laptop.


Liz had been working for the firm since she left university, having obtained a 2:2 in Criminal justice and fire Protection 

she’s struggled to make her mark, within the last few years she had started to join the directors for nights out, to try and network with them. On occasion she’d been to strip bars.


Fluff sat down pulled out his Lenovo laptop and started tapping away. He walked over to the water fountain and filled up a plastic bottle swigging from it before filling it to the top and walking back to his desk, Liz was just returning from the coffee machine and was a few feet in front of him, she was wearing a white sheer top with a camisole under neath tucked into a short matt black skirt which just covered the bottom of her pull up tights. She had left her heels under her desk, she paused for a moment and let Fluff catch up with her.


‘Fancy lunch later ?’ she asked

‘ Yes sure’ he replied


The next few hours went without much happening, Fluff was quite relieved it was 12pm, Liz rapped on his desk ‘come on then’ she chirped.  As he looked up his gaze stopped on her tits, pressing against the camisole. from the front the leather skirt was bulging around her stomach a little, he stood up and slowly put on his fading green jacket, over his brown polo shirt.


At ‘The Ring’ pub they chatted over a thai curry, Fluff and Liz managed a few glasses of red wine and slowly made there way back to the office. 

The office seemed very quiet, as they returned to their desks. 


‘What’s going on ?’ asked Fluff ‘Where is everyone ?’

‘The are having a town hall meeting ‘ replied Liz

‘Ah I see’ he acknowledged 



‘Let’s go get another drink’ said Liz

Fluff didn’t need telling twice and was already locking his computer session.

Liz was a few steps in front and Fluff adjusted his semi as he checked her peachy arse. The went to the Old Doctor’s head pub and both order a Jack Daniels and coke.

 ‘I saw you back there ‘said Liz 

 ‘I’m not sure I understand’ said Fluff


she leant over the bar and pushed her bum against Fluff’s firming cock, she grabbed his hands and pulled them onto her hips, Fluff rubbed his cock against her he’d been wanting to feel her ass since he first met her. Outside the rain was starting to come down, Come on she said dragging him through the rain to her managed apartment. They both burst in soaked headed up the stairs, Liz opened the door and they both stepped in, liz pulled off her blouse, and unzipped her skirt which fell to the ground. she wasn’t wearing any knickers, Fluff just looked her up and down. Her bottom was peachy but curvy too with slight dimples. 


She walked over to the window facing out and looked out over the city, rain was bouncing off the window and grey clouds filled the sky, Liz leant forward placed both hands on the windowsill, Fluff had taken off his campers, jeans, jacket and polo shirt and just had his ubiquitous white thong on. he placed his cold hands on her tits and rubbed her through his throng, she reached back and grabbed his cock. She turned around and pulled his thong off in one stroke. Fluff’s dick bobbed up and down a little as she slipped it into her mouth.


she pulled his foreskin back with her mouth and gripped the base of his cock with one hand whilst stroking his perineum with the other before pushing a finger into his arse. 

This wasn’t the first time he’d had someones finger in his ass but she seemed to know what she was doing, not just having a root around. She pushed another finger in and gently stroked his prostate. Fluff was pushing his cock into her mouth as far as he could  grabbing her head. Liz could sense he was going to cum and pulled her fingers out of his anus before turning around. She pushed out her bum, the hold ups starting to sag a little. Her tits were pushing against the camisole, sticking to it,Fluff  pulled the camisole up, Liz raised her arms and let it pass over her head.


Liz placed one hand back on the windowsill and grabbed Fluffs cock and pushed it into her very wet pussy. He cupped her tits and pushed his dick into her. She placed her other hand back onto the windowsill, Her tits filled his hands and the nipples rested in between his fingers

Fluff pulled at her nipples whilst pushing his cock deep into her pussy, Liz pushed her bum back exposing her anus. 

He started twisting her nipples in his hands as he slowly grinded against her, his cock rhythmically sliding out a little before being thrust back in. Liz was starting to groan a little. Her knees feeling a little jelly like they fell back onto the bed where Fluff came in her.


anon   13/8/2014

this Manny guy is a let down

Fluff   13/8/2014

Can't deny it, what an accurate description

Piss C   13/8/2014

This Liz bird sounds great, does she like piss?

rod   13/8/2014

foxy lady that Claudia

Badge   13/8/2014


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Ring on the finger
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